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Fresh and Dry Red Chilli

Model No.: Chilli
Product Name: Fresh and Dry Red Chilli
Product Origin: South Africa
Standard: Premium Grade A
Brand Name: OEM
PriceTerms: FOB, CNF, CIF
Supply Ability: 1000 Kg per Week
Detailed Product Description:

We have built up a wide and strong network of loyal customers throughout the globe: Europe Union, Middle East, USA, Asia and other market of the world.

We supply Red Chilli with the followings:-

Fresh A & dried AB baby hot/Mexican (Birdseye, pequin) (strong rich hot)
-smooth bright red to green skin at 20-70mm long

Ball Chilli (strong rich hot)
-smooth bright rich red to green skin at 20-35mm long

Orange Bell Chilli (medium to mildly hot)
-smooth bright orange skin at 25-40mm long

Red/Green Bell Chilli(hot)
-smooth bright red/green skin at 25-40mm long

Fresh A & dried AB Cayenne Chilli aka horn chilli (strong hot)
-minor wrinkled bright red to green skin at 80-130mm long

Habanero Chilli (extremely hot)
-smooth orange to yellowish skin at 30-45mm long

Jalapeno Chilli (very hot)
-minor wrinkled bright to dark green skin at 45-80mm long

Serrano Chilli (strong rich hot)
-smooth bright red skin at 50-80mm long

Sweet Chilli aka banana chilli, mellow yellow (mildly spicy, sweet)
-smooth shiny green, yellow skin at 110-170mm long

Kindly furnish us with the followings to assist us to serve you better: -
Quantity required (minimum 1 container)
Target price in USD/MT
Payment term (T/T, L/C etc)
Expected delivery date
Delivery term (FOB, EXW etc)
Type of packaging required (box, carton, bag etc)
What documents that are required on your side
What type of Certificate Of Origin do you require
Any special request (eg printings, layout, colour on packaging etc)

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