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Refined Bee Venom

Model No.: Refined Bee Venom
Product Name: Refined Bee Venom
Product Origin: Europe
Standard: Grade A
Brand Name: Refined Bee Venom
PriceTerms: FOB, CNF, CIF
Supply Ability: 1000 Kg per Week
Detailed Product Description:

If you are interested in high quality bee venom powder (Apitoxin) you can purchase it from us in unbeatable price. We are only company all over the world harvesting bee venom at midnight, when bee s stomach is empty. It is very much important to produce excellent quality bee venom with high activity of all components! And it is one of the several know-hows, what we have for producing top quality bee venom powder. In our bee venom melittin amount is not less than 59%! All our customers producing very affective injectable bee venom, gel and cream of bee venom that really works!Shipment terms: FedEx just in time delivery, within 3-4 business days, after sending payment confirmation document.
Minimal order is 50 grams.

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