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Frozen Pork Meat, Frozen Pig

Model No.: Frozen Pork
Product Name: Frozen Pork Meat, Frozen Pig
Product Origin: Brazil
Standard: Premium Grade A
Brand Name: Frozen Pork
PriceTerms: FOB, CNF, CIF
Supply Ability: 1000 MT per Week
Detailed Product Description:

we can offer you a wide range of fresh pork and frozen packaged according to requirements ..

our prices are afforable and discount offer in large order quantity .

best price
best rates
best shipping services.

fine meat class iia 80/20 and 90/10
fine meat class iib 50/50 and 60/40
three pork with ham or shoulders
fine meat class iv
lard with skin without skin bul
fat drive with or without skin
ham straight cut
knuckle of ham on the bone
kark boneless
pork with bone
boneless pork
bacon with bone
bacon boneless
front feets
back feets
groin skin
groin without skin
jowl with the skin triangle
jowl skinless triangle
jowl strap with or without skin
ham 4d, 3d, muscles
blade with bone
knuckle the shoulders on the bone
blade 4d, 3d, muscles
kark with bone
centers pork

for any further question, do contact us back directly.

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